What Are The Qualities We Need In Our Education Minister?

Updated on October 16, 2018 in General Discussion
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Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, thank you for making this a very dynamic and educative platform. As much as I want to refrain from discussing politics and related issues, a number of people have asked me… WHAT KIND OF PERSON SHOULD BE APPOINTED TO HEAD THE EDUCATION MINISTRY? I tried to avoid the question until someone pointed out that it would be difficult to drive nationwide reforms in the sector without the buy-in of the Government.

It brings to fore… What are the qualities we need in our Education Minister..? It is also important that we state the urgent areas whoever is appointed Minister will need to look at. What are the things that must be swiftly addressed in order to ensure that we produce adults who are ready for the workplace. It is food for thought.

Can we avoid mentioning names please. NO NAMES… NO NAMES…

We simply want to tell the government that for true change in the Education sector, these are the qualities you must look for in that individual.

I look forward to your comments…

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