My Son Was Seen In Asaba… While He Was Supposed To Be In The Boarding House In

Updated on October 16, 2018 in Parent Matters
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A parent sent me an inbox message yesterday. Her son is in a boarding school in Lagos and her friend called her and told her… I SAW YOUR SON AT A FUNERAL IN ASABA. She declared that must be impossible. Further investigation now revealed that a key management staff of the school was burying someone in Asaba and her son was one of those selected to attend the funeral.

They went by road and was put in a hotel for 3 days …all these without parental consent. And all parents totally unaware. This is totally unacceptable. Parents, write a formal letter to the school with full instructions about field trips. None must be undertaken without your consent… Don’t leave it to the discretion of the school. Whether public or private.

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